For most of you either retired or with part-time jobs, who spend leisure hours browsing on the I-net, probably the most frequent theme you come across is about “what is reality” or what is “to be conscious”.? The main reason for this emphasis is not accidental but due to the technological explosion we all witness. There are many layers of complexity, like the superficial and core in an onion. I will try to briefly dissect this out for you so you are better oriented when trying to make sense of these complex themes for the benefit of those curious enough to be confused while still smiling.

When we sense physical reality by e.g., audio-visual, touch, smell, etc. and then try to explain our experience in our adopted language, we call that analytical process of describing an object or event we have measured or observed as being part of an explicate order/domain we call ONTOLOGICAL as opposed to another dimensional order which we now call EPISTEMOLOGICAL because its material physical reality can only be implied by using abstract representations of that invisible reality  by using sentential or mathematical symbolic logic tools  hoping that anyone can adequately and consistently predict their behavior under specified conditions.

We have no choices because we humans observers can better explain than describe e.g., subatomic  particles, etc. Yet we intuitively know that those invisible particles are probably there and come into our sensory-phenomenal reality scope when they aggregate and emerge into our  measurable/observable resolution dimensionality. This is especially so when the anticipated results from the theoretical  representations are consistently corroborated as true by all measurements and observations of the new EPISTEMONTOLOGICAL hybrid unit of reality.

But, how do we know that such invisibilities as e.g., protons, electrons, viruses, mesons, etc. are real? Do we need to give up in our attempt to understand the structure and function of the sensory perceptual subatomic and/or the infinitely conceptual infinities of the constantly evolving cosmological domains? After all noumenal reality is a journey and not a destination however unreachable  by the most successful of the humanoid species. Needless to mention the intrinsic cognitive limitations of the social human species whose most important BIOPSYCHOSOCIAL (BPS) imperative is to survive the unfavorable environmental circumstances in the competition for resources in their biosphere ecosystem.  A successful evolution  implies all three elements of the BPS survival imperative: alive in good health, psychologically happy and socially convivial for an effective mutual defense against  predators and to lead a progressive life.

However, one non-trivial point shouldn,t escape detection by the stusious of ‘life’ and ‘consciousness’: Humans have historically displayed the most complex of an ever-adapting degree of structural/functional complexity whereas, at first sight, it seems like the human species attains a limited degree of complexity before it decays and dies, as ALL things in observable nature  seem to illustrate. Is there a SUPERNATURAL kind of life and consciousness that defies nature, as we know it?

By now, it should be clear, that an exclusive ontological description of perceptual sense-phenomenal reality or an exclusive epistemological  explanation  represent extreme interpretations of reality as we experience it in mesoscopic space-time. An EPISTEMONTOLOGICAL strategy contains the best of both the perceptual and conceptual elements always present in BioPsicoSocial reality in mesoscopic space-time. But it should also be as clear that such cognitive improvement in understanding life and consciousness is incomplete in that a theosophical historical element seems to be needed to explain the requirement of a physical brain and a JudeoChrIslamic synthesis that best approximate a noumenal reality sine qua non we’ll be denying well established recorded historical facts of the ‘prophets’. In my humble opinion Leibniz and Kant provided the unifying intuitive speculation when they wrote both the Monads and the  Critique of Pure Reason  and The Critique of Applied Reason,  respectively.

In a nutshell, a healthy living physical brain is always required by the historical narrator of LIFE and CONSCIOUSNESS. The perceptual experiences on objects and events have been shown to provide memories in specific anatomical locations of the brain as measured by fMRI instruments. The human brain specializes in organizing the unconscious genetic and environmental information. The subconscious adds on the learned environmental elements. Both maintain the adaptive neuro-hormonal equilibrium.

Consciousness, is a unique state of self-induced consciously-willed  SELF AWARENESS. This creation of a consciously willed mind state  is timeless and space less as opposed to the neuro-hormonal driven state which I am unable to oppose in my unconscious or subconscious state. However, I can consciously delay or negate even my own beneficial state for my convenience.

Reference: “A Treatise on the Neurophilosophy of Consciousness.” A Multidisciplinary BioPsychoSocial (BPS) Model.

Dr. Angell O de-la-Sierra

ISBN 978-1-4669-3-

Penguin Books/Trafford Publishing   Revised Edition 08/29/2014

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