A Critical Analysis of Real Time Existential Reality in our Vital Biosphere.*


Thanks RKS for bringing into focus several necessary constitutive components of quotidian existential reality as experienced/narrated in our real time spatial ecosystem environment (‘behavioral phenotype’). It is clear that the historical account of such narrative is a function of the individualized narrators’ ‘discretional personality’ BioPsychoSocial interactions in her/his changing environment. We sorely need to bring all of these causal variables into one truthful and coherent whole comprehensive model of quotidian reality. In your previous comments on ‘how the brain processes what we see’, you seem to prioritize the influence of pre-motor ‘higher brain areas’ ( ‘top down’, left hemispheric) brain influence over the more primitive sense phenomenal input from right hemispheric receptors. Your argument is based on : “..there are ten times as many neurons innovating the early visual processing areas from higher brain areas than from the retina as measured in the cat. The ratio in humans is probably even higher in favour of top-down.” This conclusion brings two possible ‘modus operandi’ in the human decision-making process: 1) inherited primitive inner language Chomskian processor, as modified by evolving, acquired environmental sense-phenomenal inputs into left hemispheric higher brain areas or 2) an independent from sense phenomenal input evolution of a ‘higher brain’ plan to control behavioral phenotypes, top-down. You do not discuss the source of such ‘intelligent design’ information about the spontaneous, self sustained complexity and order of any negentropic ‘life’ protocol.
Intuitive logic dictates that the most elementary/indivisible physical micro particles can aggregate (e.,g., spin coupling, etc.) to form macro structures within the sensory threshold of human sensory/instrumental detection. If we extrapolate to the putative first micro particle, we cannot ascertain its causal origin other than saying that scientific methodology cannot describe/explain its spontaneous, self-sustained evolution into the complex order we call life. That’s why the ‘idealistic’ exclusivity claims of physicalist models of existential reality are incomplete and must incorporate other necessary -albeit insufficient- BioPsychoSocial ‘realism’ elements into the mix. Consequently any first object or event must first bring information into the right brain hemisphere before a left hemisphere premotor cortex adaptively responds to keep human species viable in a changing environment. See Volume VII, “Neurophilosophy of Consciousness”, The unexpected transition from idealism to realism. Penguin Books/Trafford Publishing, Inc.


However, if we seriously take into consideration the imperative survival of the human species to counter its perceptual/conceptual limitations to compete for survival with better environmentally adapted subhuman species, then we must focus into historical human narratives, as provided by JudeoChrIslamic organized theosophies for additional explanations about the survival role emotions and rationality play when making sense about the physical -albeit invisible- falsifiable interactions between the seen and the unseen micro subatomic and macro cosmological manifolds, i.e., how to incorporate in our present existence the past experiences to plan a future defense against potential threats to human survival, where a dynamic living biological brain records, codifies, modifies past psychosocial experiences in the present to create future strategies of species collective survival against predictable future threats to survival. Any BioPsychoSocial model of species survival must reckon with all these concurrent variables as a unit hybrid model where the falsifiable/reliable aspects the measurable, the symbolic linguistic representation of the ‘seen’ and the confirmed speculations about the ‘unseen’ become useful tools stay alive, healthy, happy and enjoying convivial collective cooperation with others.                                                     An example of such theoretical epistemontological brainstorm that follows, has been for many years our own contribution to integrate the sense phenomenal (ontological) with the mathematical logic symbolic representations of speculative conjectures (epistemological) as a single hybrid unit singularity to improve on the environmental conditions that we experience in our biosphere.


In a nutshell we quote from “Neurophilosophy of Consciousness.”, Vol. IV, Speculations and Conjectures.”


“Quantum Receptor Architecture. The final structure/function of this quantum receptor complex must, above all, sustain quantum coherence at human body (brain) temperature, become accessible to measurable attempts at corroboration and become capable of falsifiable predictions. Being part and parcel of a more general biopsychosocial (BPS) neurophilosophical model of consciousness, it should harmonize with the model’s foundations on variations on a transactional interpretation of quantum mechanics (TIQM) describing quantum interactions in terms of a standing wave formed by retarded (forward-in-time) and advanced (backward-intime) waves as explained in our Volume II. The original model was first proposed in 1986 by John G. Cramer. Our BPS model, being an ‘epistemontological hybrid approach, endorses the ‘anthropic principle’ and the emphasis on the mesoscopic level of laboratory and philosophical research. This should not be construed as discouraging whatever metaphysical physico-mathematical poem that opens new avenues for creative speculations. This sub-model on a ‘quantum receptor complex’ is an example. This is illustrated by our implied emphasis on a parallel computing approach in suggesting the presence of multiple processing elements simultaneously present in the quantum receptor complex to solve the problem of reciprocal transactional information transfer between man and that transfinity something that somehow guides and inspires our species to transcend the subhuman condition in conceptually building an ordered cosmos that defies the entropy laws of nature.” For more details see de la Sierra-Sheffer.net/* or Neurophilosophy of Consciousness

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