The sequence sensory conceptual creative critical thinking.

A previous participant most likely was quoting HELEN Blavatsky: “Critical thinking is the intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and/or evaluating information gathered from, or generated by, observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication, as a guide to belief and action. In its exemplary form, it is based on universal intellectual values that transcend subject matter divisions: clarity, accuracy, precision, consistency, relevance, sound evidence, good reasons, depth, breadth, and fairness”..IMHO Blavatsky set the guidelines for future development of brain dynamics even though she was not privy of the more recent technological information explosion sustained by experimental measurements, observations and metaphysical mathematical logic. She was not even aware of the posterior detailed anatomical brain structure descriptions of Ramon y Cajal.. When combined, what FOLLOWED was essentially a ‘filling up of the blanks’ of the details predicted by their general outlines of the future path to project into the future.

The alternative to critical THINKING – and by far superior – is creative thinking. (That gets mentioned in the middle of the argument but also gets swallowed up).


A proper philosophy of critical thinking starts from the basic tenet that the information content is a always a human linguistic narrative of perceptual objects/events in the vital environment of our immediate existential experiences in real space time. This initial step is mostly a function of the right hemispheric living brain. What follows is an immediate adaptive response, a reflex control (subconscious) to guarantee our biological integrity as a species, like any other advanced mammalian subhuman social species would do. The scientific literature is replete with the structure/function of objects and or events ontologically recorded in the ‘survival’ neuronal memory networks. As noted above, this information has to be linguistically transmitted to the rest of the cooperating collective. Thanks to the EXCLUSIVE ability of humans to use an ‘inner’ language we can engage the ‘tribe’ in a collective biopsychosocial effort to plan and execute efficient and appropriate adaptive responses in an evolving environment. But, as repeated, the historical narrator of existential reality has known sensory perceptual and linguistic conceptual limitation in the truthful identification of the potentially damaging stimulus, not always easy to frame into sentential or symbolic strategies to have a reliable ‘critical thinking’ tool. Enter the next step, the ‘creative thinking’ effort involving a probability of ocurrence calculus involving as well Bayesian considerations in metaphysical logic. This ‘representational’ effort generates many possible infinite solutions to any problem, the problem now at hand is to give priority to sense-phenomenal input information arriving the living brain as recorded in memories and common to all witnesses sharing the mesoscopic existential reality and assisted by the established scientific methodology (including thermodynamics!). To this falsifiable ontological information we now add epistemological cognitive predictions and conjectures subject to experimental or observational ocurrence. As anyone in the experimental sciences can tell you, the easiest/simplest explanation that works, is the best, a crude explanation of Occam’s razor. All things proportionally considered it is not realistically possible to exclude theosophy as a time-honored activity because, if for nothing else, there is a vast literature endorsing the existence in every human judgment of a dynamic frame of reference with its relevance reality filters as controlled by both reflex subconscious and freely willed conscious influences. So, whether Blavatsky’s imagination and reality flow in different direction in the mesoscopic world, the search for ultimate truthful causalities mandates a philosophical effort to regress to the hypothetical first unit mass sub-Planckian particle and their consequent aggregations to give us our mesoscopic reality we live and die for every day, per ‘secula seculorum’

Dr. Angell O. de la Sierra, Esq.  From Deltona, Florida. This Fall 2014

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