An Involuntary Short Tour of Dante’s Psychosocial Legal Inferno

An Involuntary Short Tour of Dante’s Psychosocial Legal Inferno. A Dantesque Not So Divine Comedy of Institutionalized Intimidation.

No, this experience did not happen more than 800 years ago in 13th. Century Florence, Italy, it happened a few days ago in Volusia County, Florida’s Penitentiary System. The Guelfs and the Ghibellines factions were not competing for control, it was the Southern Anglo Saxons and the Latinos vying for control of indigenous AmerIndians and a legal recent brain drain migratory inflow into North American Hispanic Florida followed by transient illegal migrant workers sustained by taxpayers as planned and sponsored by their enslaving rich master/handlers, not the Hohenstaufen Emperors.

Instead it is all about an 82 years old retired academic professional who with his writings was trying to raise the level of public discourse about biopsychosocial (BPS) ongoing evolution of complexity in our vital space time environment as a function of our perceptually/conceptually limited dynamic brain capacity to determine and linguistically report on the absolute truth content.

The short tour to the Dantesque psychopathology inferno started when I was driving my new lease car home from an evening activity at DeBary, Florida Veterans of Foreign War (VFW) carrying some purchased food. When I turned into my street nobody was in sight. I was a few blocks and ½ a mile away along my curvy, meandering boulevard from my house where my two daughters were waiting for me. I noticed the blinking bright lights of a police patrol car illuminating the road as I stopped into a drive way wondering what happened. The big cop asked me to get out of the car with an authoritative voice and said I was not supposed to use the long lights at night in that boulevard. I noticed his patrol car was blocking traffic and illuminating the same street with his intense bright lights. I laughed and asked the cop, since when was the use of my protective long lights a punishable act? He then called other patrols and improvised a traffic-stopping show. He began by asking stereotyping questions about salary (I was driving a new car), nationality, etc. When I questioned the relevance of the questions to the alleged offense he got frustrated and began searching inside my pockets by placing my hands behind me and using painfully tight handcuffs. He pulled my chain off my neck and pulled from my shirt an Air Force officer pin and other emblems. I feared physical aggression and called my daughters a few blocks away to get me because I thought they would also take my car. When daughters showed up, the cop panicked because my jacket was stained with blood freely flowing from my pinched skin at the end of the handcuffs and elsewhere. The cop was upset when he asked me to put my hands over my head to continue the search. I smiled and replied that I would but I was not a contortionist. In his frustration he asked me to get a sobriety test and I said it was unrelated to the expressed violation and unnecessary because I did not abuse any controlled substances, was coherent and tolerating their physical abuse. He let my daughters take the leased car home, threw me inside their patrol car with handcuffs still  behind my body. Then he drove me to prison without my medications and bleeding into the patrol car floor from the tight handcuffs. We arrived at the Volusia County prison.

The rest was one nightmarish abuse after another for the ‘Ess-holes’ (as they called arrested people not intimidated by their abuses in the penitentiary). They were told about my peaceful compliance with any reasonable request made and justified. I promised that this police brutality ordeal will be made available for education purposes at my Word Press Blog. I had to experience this saga in my own flesh to believe it was happening in 2014 U.S.A.!

Once being pushed around into the maze of corridors and tiny cubicles to isolate the ‘Essholes’ inside the Volusia County Penitentiary amid a sordid display of screaming, yelling background I chose to be calm.

Having taken account for all relevant variables at play, it is fair to say that I expected a worse situation, bad as it was indeed. The prisoners were more in numbers and of a more aggressive demeanor and better informed about their rights under our Constitutional democracy when compared to other foreign jurisdictions. The patrol car cop’s more sophisticated torture by intimidation was more consciously free willed and evil. Inside the prison system you find human robots following the psycho-social protocol but the staff was more concerned about their full time secured employment position than their non government counterparts. As expected, most women were more understanding and humane in their behavior than their male brutes counterparts unable to think outside the box and acting reflexly with no idea about the importance of a presumption of innocence and due process. Was that Skinnerian protocol justified once security against hidden weapons was attained?

I noticed that what impressed the handcuffed prisoners the most was the proportionality between the physical psychopathology display and the trivia of most alleged offenses that could have been resolved in a less intimidating environment. One man was arrested and imprisoned for driving a family tricycle scooter without a license in his name. Another was awakened from his sleep while looking for someone else believed to be inside the house. No warrant for an arrest or search ever shown to the owner who demanded explanations. Another was caught urinating against an electric pole because he couldn’t hold it until he got home. All of them ended up handcuffed, finger printed and photographed with a prison uniform and made public for everyone to see in the Internet for their alleged ‘heinous misdemeanor crime’, like yours truly for driving safely home with my long lights on!

Once the patrol cop brings an alleged ‘offender’ the institutionalized protocol is to coerce the accused of the benefits of a bonded settlement by admission of guilt same day unless you want to continue the experiences of being taken all day from one cage to another without your medications, sleepy, tired, still bleeding after being denied paramedic help and surrounded by some truly serious offenders.

The Machiavellian strategy that the successfully intimidating ends justify the means in ALL cases brought by the patrol cop, real or trumped up, is worrisome. An institutionalized validation of biased and/or trumped up charges in a Constitutional democracy in this 21st. Century should not be tolerated.

This April Spring time 2014 in Deltona, Florida Dr. Angell O. de la Sierra, Esq. .  .. .. ….

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