Spontaneous negentropy misunderstanding…

Quote: “Deriving a second order differential equation for a likely system of wave-like monopoles and its solutions is not a gargantuan task, especially on the basis of symmetrical considerations; however experimentally settling upon the masses, indeed is.”

In my opinion the justification for a ‘multiverse’ approach is that it provides a variety of mathematical logic frameworks (mind set) as a point of departure when each has a justifiable probability of success based on their ‘confirmed predictability’ scores. The way we have both handled the ‘sine qua non’ indispensables of symmetry, monopoles, baryonic dark matter codon, etc. is no longer seriously challenged except in details by other competing models. However, when you simultaneously consider the cognitive limitations in both the perceptual and conceptual domains of language discourse of our human species, then the order of the differential and integral equations for any probable system is indeed “a gargantuan task” even as just a speculation traveling along asymptotic paths, always approaching but never reaching absolute certainty. This is because for our species absolute certainty is a goal, a journey and never a static destination in a dynamically evolving brain sensory, cosmological phenomenologic and in between reality. When all relevant things are dispassionately considered on their own merits, it is IMHO a waste of time to argue a spontaneous organization of a living super complexity without necessarily violating natural laws like thermodynamic entropy laws properly understood. This is clearly seen when you extrapolate causaliy at the very first step when the very first unit physical particle spontaneously took the first negentropic step. In closing, my suggestion for a mathematical logic alternative to theosophy maybe follows the same oblivion as my own two way dark baryonic codon relay valve connecting cosmic radiation with identified premotor cortical areas. C’est la guerre my friend….

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