The evolution of Leibniz foresight.

Dr. Roger, there is no doubt about the the genial foresight of the ‘Leibniz equivalence proposition’. It is not an exaggeration to even claim it was the forerunner of today’s ‘Gauge transformations’ that permeates all speculations and conjectures about the ever evolving mesoscopic existential reality. These transformations make it possible to relate the two or more metric fields especially in particle physics, where they have provided a powerful means of constructing reliable and consistent theories of interaction fields. The problem comes up when the resulting elegance of such elaborate structural/functional mathematical representational creatures of neocortical brain activity do in fact represent the same physical situation, so that the transformation is a bonafide ‘gauge transformation’ where the observable descriptions or the logically inferred explanations of the invariant physical substrate is real, regardless of its observable invisibility? Could there be different physical realities, as posited by so many model poems such as ‘multiverses’?. Do we need 2 different general equations, one for each micro (sub-atomic) and macro (universal) n-1 transfinity? If Leibniz proposition, as modified, were to ultimately prevail, it would require a reconciliation of relativity with quantum mechanics even on a probability calculus basis. Unfortunately, our well known species limitations in the sensory and combinatorial brain resolution capacities makes us focus on that activity that, albeit constantly evolving, we can get a handle on analytically and critically, The best combination of verifiable, consistent sense phenomenology as the invariant element plus the best corresponding mathematical logic formulation in representation of both the observable descriptions and the logically inferred explanations. This way, a model poem of a mesoscopic, evolving existential reality that keeps us biopsicosocially viable and able to describe and explain in the most simple way the reality of quotidian existence in harmony with our phenomenal physical nature as described by natural laws would be our choice. This would make room for the physical ‘seen’ and the metaphysical ‘unseen’. If there is an impossibility to incorporate both aspects in one general, universal epistemontological unit hybrid explanation, unable ever to be reconciled under a super symmetry, such as the ‘string(s)’ theories. To conclude, Leibniz genial foresight of a pure gauge transformation has convincingly evolved into a physical issue that cannot be resolved exclusively by physical materialistic or metaphysical considerations in isolation. However in our mesoscopic existential reality it becomes a physical issue to be settled by physical considerations until otherwise proven otherwise.

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