International Critique on BPS Brain Dynamics Model

Book Published by the Director Pacific Neuropsychiatric Institute, Dr. Vernon Neppe. Dr.d,Sporty

De La Sierra: Neurophilosophy of Consciousness
Dr. Angell de la Sierra has produced a number of innovative, creative writings on research in Quantum Brain Dynamics, Process Philosophy, attractor hypotheses, psychosociocultural perspectivism mental images, spirituality, and brain sinks. This is based on the works of John Emlen and Walter Freeman. The conceptualization is complex but does not fit the fabric of a theory of everything, but we pay homage to a great thinker here.
We illustrate the complexity here: “We can no longer say that the past has been but is no longer, while the future will come to be but is not yet.” 477
“From the many sense-phenomenal objects and/or events in our immediate environment (including memories) only a limited number of steady states of discrete, individualized neuronal patterns (attractor basins) are set-up to respond exclusively to particular stimuli in the future. These would
activate a particular set of bulbar neurons acting as a relay switch to a corresponding attractor basin uniquely coupled to different memory, emotional and physiological pattern of responses (mental state). When these signals were analyzed on the oscilloscope screen they were found to resemble
chaotic systems with ‘attractor basins’.
Once it was experimentally documented that there is probabilistic nature to brain dynamics, he concludes “we are forced to consider not just the fleeting moment we call present, the ‘being’, as it evolves or ‘becomes’ past in transit into a potential future, but also to predict with variable degrees of certainty its evolution into that future, the ‘becoming’ we may control: and free-will to choose from available ‘futures scenarios’. In so doing we acknowledge an involuntary shift away from the reductionist physical approach into the metaphysical ‘emergence’ realm of ‘process’ philosophy.”
This thinking derives in part from Emlen 478 who points out the difficulty of evolution in explaining day to day to day changes, including cerebral plasticity, an emergent phenomenon they call the “attractor hypothesis” 478. De La Sierra later built on this hypothesis in his model, which effectively limits brain sinks that concentrate information. Moreover, Meyer cogently points out the profound complexity of the cell and of DNA and the needs for certain biophysical elements to be complete for them to work. This is a very potent argument against evolution without meaning.

479 Again, this supports the model of meaning at every level of science and origin within TDVP
Whiteman’s Philosophy of Space and Time

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