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Reconciling Quantum Physics and General Relativity Theory.
An Argument for the Dark Baryonic DNA/RNA Premise.
Quantum Field Theory (QFT) is the mathematical and conceptual framework for contemporary elementary particle physics trying to answer what the fundamental characteristics of the material world are, such as, is existential reality –perceptually observed or conceptually inferred reality- constantly changing or are there certain permanent features? What is basic and what is merely a matter of perspective and appearance? What are the fundamental features of matter, whether measured or inferred, and its interactions? How is the current mathematical structure of either competing explanation interfering with the objective analysis on the creation and annihilation of “particles” like electrons and photons?
QFT, an extension of quantum mechanics (QM), is relativistically invariant and has been a success story for more than half a century by narrowing its scope of intervention to explain the interactions between charged particles and the electromagnetic field in quantum electro-dynamic theory (QED). This, as opposed to QM with an equally successful history as a quasi-scientific probabilistic tool reflecting the inherent sensory and brain combinatorial limitations of the human observer, contrary to the observer independence of QFT better suited for philosophical speculation. Yet, it has been very successful empirically, notwithstanding its metaphysical implications at variance with the central classical dogma of particulate matter –sensory detected or inferred- and its circumstantial manifestations to the observer such as its propagation as waves (de Broglies wavicles) in fields, its sensory color detection or its inferred particulate presence outside the visible spectrum depending on its frequency detection. Reality is one, whether we detect particles within the ontological domain of measurements or the epistemological domain of the kind of speculation controlled by metaphysical logic of probabilities of structural and functional dynamics at the invisible level of the sub-Planckian or the cosmological realities. We need to examine the adequacy of the standard dimensional formulation structure used e.g., the string theory unidimensional line or loop, the bidimensional plane –straight or curved- of relativistic theory, the static tridimensional space or the dynamic quadrimensional space-time of Minkowsky, the multidimensional space-time of symmetric or spin-coupled super symmetric models, etc. and then reconcile them mathematically as one all encompassing reality formulation, i.e., as one free from observer-dependent manifestations. To follow here are some selected examples, non-mathematically expressed for my convenience  and that of most of the non-mathematical guru readers. It is hoped these arguments will make the existence of dark baryonic DNA/RNA receptors mediating the reciprocal information transfer between transfinity and a suitable acceptor in the human pre-motor cortical attractor phase space more credible as a premise.
Reconciling quantum physics and general relativity theory. For starters, the ontologically relevant formulations are changed in the transition from QM to QFT mathematical representations because, as suggested earlier, the wave function values in QM are influenced by measurements and ‘operators’ which subsequently influence the quantum field identification of space of states, i.e., like a second quantization has virtually taken place and by magic now quantum fields paradoxically become ‘theoretically-inferred observables’! Only true observables, not quantum fields, should be represented by linear operators, e.g., the case of the Klein-Gordon equation when a measured position and/or momentum is conveniently represented by the corresponding quantum mechanical operator(s). Consequently, the operator valued field φ(x,t) in QFT is not analogous to the wave function ψ(x,t) in QM, i.e., is a misrepresentation –by mathematical manipulation- of an observable reality, i.e., this results in a smeared field φ(f) = ∫ φ(x)f(x)dx with supp(f) ⊂ O, where supp(f) is the support of the test function f and O is a bounded open region in Minkowski space-time.
And we ask, which in reality are states and which are measurable quantities? States, as opposed to observables, are abstract entities with no immediate spatio-temporal meaning.
The confusion comes about when the standard model of elementary particle physics is restricted from its universal reach to the narrower scope of a particular energy domain range by being considered as an effective field theory (EFTs) explaining the probable changes within the range of energy under analysis. No doubt, imho, that when dealing with our real time existential dynamics at the mesoscopic level we are better off with this narrowing of scope to lower energy levels by eliminating the irrelevant infinities by the convenient procedure of renormalization. The problem is that this convenient restriction may isolate our intended explanation about relevant higher/lower energy interactive influences present. Intuitively, one wonders why should there be one physics theory explaining the invisible but influential micro sub Planckian and a different one for the equally relevant and invisible cosmological domain? And we keep asking, why not one last fundamental theory incorporating these two micro/macro invisibilities into a realistic mesoscopic epistemontological hybrid? Or, have we reached the limits of our human species brain combinatorial capacities? Are we ever going to hybridize QFT and general relativity theory into an evolving mesoscopic, real time, working, epistemontological unified theory of ALL measurable natural forces and logically inferred invisible forces, including gravitation?
One of the complex unresolved problems has been, e.g., how can the conveniences of a specific mesoscopic energy range under QFT analysis incorporate the Planck scale energy level force of gravitation as a relevant dark baryonic DNA/RNA energy without the theoretical assumption of point-like interactions inevitably leading to intractable infinities? My suggestion, going way back to the early Greek atomistic thinking, is that there are only particles as fundamental objects and their corresponding dynamic attributions (e.g., energy, propagation mode, size/shape configuration, etc.), measurable or not. Leave it to theology to explain particles origins and destination and if it makes you happier, assume the particles entered into our existential lives as the result of the immediate post Big Bang expansion/cooling crystallization leading to the formation of evolving fermions, bosons, quarks, BEC condensates, etc., not bad poetry! 
Intuitively, IMO, adimensional point singularities may be better considered as unit Einstenian energetic particles beyond our experimental human capacities to objectively describe their dimension or mass by observation. We can develop this poem further by conveniently representing the vacuum unit mass/energy by a unit Planck dimension (a Dirac string?) to include gravity (thereby avoiding ‘infinities’). This should conveniently also extend its radius of locality action by invoking its ability to vibrate at convenient frequencies, reaching beyond the energy restrictions of QFT. Thus the string can be straight, curved or loop shaped but, more important, strings can now reach and reciprocally interact and influence other particles on an extended distance beyond the 10−33 centimeters of Planck’s unit length. Now, at the mesoscopic level of interest, strings ‘become’ quantum particles with convenient quantum numbers assigned in harmony with their vibrational frequency/energy and equivalent Einstenian mass. Consequently, a dynamic particle-based premise implying a dimensional, temporal changing volume, measurable or inferred, e.g., a Minkowsky 4-d spacetime arrangement need not necessarily imply the hard-to-conceptualize ‘compactified unidimensional state’ with 1026 dimensions plus the coordinates values where to find the unavoidable particulate matter in order to explain their invisibility to experimental detection. Furthermore one cannot accept as an ‘observable’ claims of experimental knowledge about measurable quantities such as charge, energy or momentum of a particle in a field that refer to infinitely extended regions of space-time formally requiring measurements to take place in the whole universe! We sorely need a consistent algebraic reformulation of true observables in QFT to be taken as the basic entities in the mathematical formulation of quantum physics, one that is compatible with the Hilbert space formulation. This approach should hopefully provide the element of locality restricting true observables to finite space-time regions.
The dynamic interaction of elementary particles require tracking their symmetry transformations in the properties of particles/quantum fields which are conserved or broken if the symmetry is varying during the reciprocal information transfer. The linear translational momentum or rotational angular momentum invariance of a system defines a conservation law. We need not consider now inner transformations such as so-called gauge transformations relating to yet more abstract properties. The explanatory power of symmetry and symmetry breaking is fundamental to understand the continuous reciprocal information exchange between transfinity and the human neocortical attractor phase space mediated by our dark baryonic DNA/RNA receptor. Fortunately the present theories of elementary particle interactions can be understood by deduction from general principles.
Symmetries are not only defined for Lagrangians but they can also be found in empirical data and phenomenological descriptions. Symmetries can thus bridge the gap between descriptions which are close to empirical results (‘phenomenology’) and the more abstract general theory which is a most important reason for their heuristic force.

Summary and Conclusions
The first one is that quantities, total charge, total energy or total momentum of a field are unobservable since their measurement would have to take place in the whole universe. Accordingly, quantities which refer to infinitely extended regions of space-time should not appear among the observables of the theory as they do in the standard formulation of QFT. The mathematical aspect of the problem is that a field at a point, φ(x), is not an operator in a Hilbert space. The practical physical counterpart of the problem is that it would require an infinite amount of energy to measure a field at a point of spacetime.
A true reconciliation of quantum physics and relativity theory is a tall order and may require the algebraic approach to demonstrate that the experimental data for QFT is limited to space-time localization properties of particulate matter from which other relevant properties should not be inferred. The Stern-Gerlach experiment is an illustration of this limitation in getting space-time distributions of some dots of detected particles originating from a particle source striking a sensitive photographic plate. Mathematicians need to work out how may Heisenberg’s matrix mechanics and Schrödinger’s wave mechanics can incorporate algebraic geometry, all performing inside Hilbert space with the same abstract structure. This way, we hope, the transient existence of functional magnetic monopoles controlling the reciprocal magnetic flux of information between source and destination across a DNA/RNA quantum computer of sorts may not be so mysterious.

References: See: Previous post on Reciprocal Energy Transfer Between Transfinity and Human Neocortical Attractor Phase Space.

From: Dr. Angell O. de la Sierra, Esq. Deltona, Florida Summer 2012 .

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